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Total Team Members As of
October 16, 2018 11:55
741 Members

How It Works

The Millionaires Business Club (TMBC) is proud to announce that effective on June 13, 2017, we transform from a simple advertising co-op designed for 4C IBO into a "TOP MONEY MAKING PROGRAM" Platform in the worldwide web industry. We carefully chose 4 main "CORE" program namely:

  1. Global Domain International (GDI).
  2. All In One Profits (AIOP).
  3. LifePharm Global Network (LPGN).
  4. 4 Corners Alliance Group (4C).

Secondary Programs:

  1. Actual Hits 4U.
We have also 1 secondary program that you can join as FREE member and it allows you also to earn commission if you choose to promote them. All 5 programs are loaded into our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section of our team website. It is very important that you go through that section to check and choose any of those if not all and update them with your referral ID/USERNAME. It is very important because the moment you got a referral in our team (TMBC) the only option available for them to join our programs is to go through the same process what you have done and they will be joining under you. By default if you didn't join any or some of the program listed in our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section then they will be joining to your TMBC upline. The advantage in our team is that, you don't have to promote each and every program, instead you only have to promote our team and at the same time you are building your downline in the programs of your choice from the list. That is the beauty and the secret to generate sustainable income through multiple income streams (From the listed programs) while you are only promoting our team and that is the meaning of "DONWLINE BUILDER".

Joining The Millionaires Business Club (TMBC) is 100% FREE and as our way of thanking you for joining us, we will allow you to submit 1 advertisement for FREE of any other program that you are affiliated with. The program must not be in the list of program in our "DOWNLINE BUILDER". Submit your program banner along with their referral URL and it will be listed FREE into our "MEMBERS ADS" section in our members area. We also allow our members to add their affiliate program (Not Listed In Our "DOWNLINE BUILDER") to have it added into our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section with all his/her referral details if he/she decided to "UPGRADE" a one time upgrade amounted to $35.00 (OPTIONAL) the proceed will be spent for the monthly expenses of our team website. Their program will be listed in our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section for the period of 60 days. Only 3 programs will be listed at a time (First Come First Served Basis).

Top Promoter Weekly Bonus

We require at least 1,000 weekly hits for our TMBC member to be on our dedicated express rotator in each 4 Core Program. All members who generate at least 1,000 hits in a week will be on rotation with all the 4 Core Program that she/he is affiliated with. Every member who reach the weekly requirements will remain active status in the rotation and will be moved to inactive status whenever the member missed the weekly hits requirements. Our emails to our subscribers will have our member TMBC referral URL in it. Sign up from those members subscriber will be his/her TMBC referral. This means that that our members can continue to promote our first Splash Lead Capture Page listed in our "Marketing Tools" section and also in our AIOP Shared campaign. The email content that goes out to our subscribers will have their own TMBC referral URL. However, you can use any of our marketing tools listed to promote our team and our 2nd and 3rd splash page will have your TMBC referral link in it and ready to receive referrals under you. All hits receive from all the marketing tools will be accounted towards our weekly "TOP PROMOTER".

Note:TMBC - CORE PROGRAMS; Global Domain International (GDI), All In One Profits (AIOP), LifePharm Global Network (LPGN-LAMININE) and 4 Corners Alliance Group (4C). Each one of them has a separate section under the navigation menu. Just look for the tab name with each program, visit those section and watch the presentation each one of them each section has their individual video presentation for the compensation plan and the program overview, in each section in the bottom part it has a "Yes! Sign Me Up!" which will bring you to our "Dedicated Express Rotator" of that particular program. Remember that you need to join any of your choice of the program listed in our "DOWNLINE BUILDER - Core Program". You will then be joining to any of our members who are on active status in our rotator, fear and transparent enough and we guarantee you our 100% transparency and commitment to ensure our valued members will succeed. Members advertising effort are required for all of us to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why I should join The Millionaires Business Club (TMBC) Team?
A: Simply because we are the only 100% transparent team system in the industry ever created. Aside from that, joining our team is the best option to make your business grow and of course your income. In our team we make it easy for you to multiply your effort though others through our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" Using our dedicated express rotator in each program.

Q: How to qualify to have my program added into TMBC "MEMBERS ADS" section?
A: Joining our team qualifies you to have 1 of your program added into our "Members Ads" section FREE (Program not listed in our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section).

Q: What should I do after joining TMBC for me to grow?
A: As soon as possible after creating your TMBC free account, you need to update your "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section with your referral details in any if not all program in the list, then submit a request for your own program to be added in the "Members Ads" section. Request form is placed in the members area homepage. Then start promoting our team using our splash pages listed under our Marketing Tools and also in our AIOP shared campaign.

Q: Can I join all of the program listed in the "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section?
A: Yes, absolutely! We highly recommend you to JOIN all those listed program (CORE and SECONDARY PROGRAM).

Q: Do I need to pay anything when I join your team?
A: No, joining our team is FREE.

Q: Can I join your team The Millionaires Business Club (TMBC) even if I have already existing account with some of the program listed in your "DOWNLINE BUILDER" section from other team?
A: Yes, you can join our team even if you have already existing account in some of the program listed in our "DOWNLINE BUILDER" with other team but you must join at least 1 in any of our Core Program from the list.

Q: Is there any limit of referrals I can refer into TMBC?
A: There is no limit and you can sponsor as many as you can, just keep spreading our team and your are building your downline at the same time without knowing it.

Q: Do I need to join all the program listed in the "Downline Builder"?
A: No, our TMBC members has a total freedom to chose any of the program in the list if not all. You can even join and promote our team using your existing account from other team just join at least one from the list of our core program and update your TMBC Downline Builder with your existing details of any of the program listed and start promoting our team using the marketing tools or shared campaign capture page.